Old fox Ilie Nastase is not sure what all the hype is about as tennis celebrates the record 23rd Grand Slam title of Novak Djokovic.

The Serb’s accomplishment after beating Casper Ruud at the weekend in he Roland Garros final just can’t measure up to the 14 French Open titles achieved by Rafael Nadal over a span of 18 years, according to the winner of two Grand Slam titles.

“Novak won a new Grand Slam, but it could have been the other way around, right,? the Romanian who cut the template for the tennis bad boy nearly half a century ago said the first man to hold the ATP No. 1 ranking when it began in 1973..

“Does it matter that much that now one has one more title – It’s just another title.”

Nastase told Gazeta Sporturilor that the current jubilation has been plainly over-egged. 

“I don’t think Nadal is jealous  – others should be jealous of him (Nadal) for having won Roland Garros 14 times:

“Those 14 Roland Garros weigh much more than Djokovic’s 23 Grand Slams.”

Nastase added: “Win on clay 14 times? On the clay of Roland Garros? I don’t think another player will be born who can repeat this accomplishment.”

The Romanian is keeping a watchful eye on Djokovic’s future.

 “I don’t know how many Grand Slams Djokovic will win, nobody knows, I don’t think he knows either.

“Let’s also see how long he continues playing, because he is now 36 years old.

“Around 38 or 39 you start to lose a bit of energy, although Federer held on a bit longer.

“Now everything depends on how long Novak continues to play, if he only plays the Grand Slam tournaments he will have the opportunity to get less tired ”.

The Romanian added: “Djokovic, despite his 23 Grand Slams, will be forgotten like everyone else. 

“We can only sit and look at his records when we open the newspaper, but we can’t forget about Nadal, or about (Roger) Federer because he retired. 

“Djokovic’s turn will come too.”

Main photo:- 1973 French Open Champion Ilie Nastase at the 2003 Roland Garros tournament – by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd