1987 Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has it out at the behaviour of fellow Australian Nick Kyrgios after the latter’s hate-filled clash with Stefanos Tsitsipas on Saturday.

“It was absolute mayhem,” Cash told BBC radio yesterday.

“He’s (Kyrgios) brought tennis to the lowest level I can see as far as gamesmanship, cheating, manipulation, abuse, aggressive behaviour to umpires, to linesmen.

“He was lucky to even get through the first set, he should have been defaulted in the first set.

“Something’s got to be done about it – it’s just an absolute circus. Is it entertaining? Yeah, possibly. It’s gone to the absolute limit now.”

Cash was then asked on the cheating comment and responded: “The gamesmanship. The abuse he was giving. Tsitsipas would make a line call and he’d go up there and start complaining, he’d be in his face – that’s part of gamesmanship, that’s the sort of stuff he does and I think there’s a limit.

“I have no problems with a bit of gamesmanship but, when it gets to that level, I think it’s just out of control.”

Tsitsipas was fined $10,000 for hitting a ball which narrowly missed spectators and Kyrgios was fined $4000 for his behaviour.

Kyrgios had already been fined $10,000 foe sitting in the previous round.