Britain’s Lawn Tennis Association has seen its income fall by £30m as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The governing body says the 40% drop in income has had a severe severe impact on its finances and added the challenge of Wimbledon 2021 will be even greater if the event is forced to play behind closed doors.

Wimbledon was cancelled this year, but an insurance policy helped cover much of the costs. How much the LTA will receive is still subject to negotiation.

The income loss has largely been due no ticket, hospitality or sponsorship revenue from its own events.

The LTA has managed to make £10m of savings elsewhere.

The BBC reported the All England Club is preparing three scenarios for Wimbledon 2021 – one of which is to stage the Championships behind closed doors. Pandemic insurance is no longer available.

“Given the significant range in financial implications within these scenarios, with the behind-closed-doors scenario as the most severe, it is our responsibility to plan very carefully and continue to take a prudent approach,” LTA chief executive Scott Lloyd said.

“We also have to bear in mind that whatever form the events go ahead in, it is likely the economic outlook will remain difficult and the market for sponsorship and hospitality will remain depressed for a number of years.”