Matteo Berrettini’s season remains in doubt after the italian admitted that a foot injury almost caused him to withdraw from the weekend Naples ATP final.

The 2021 Wimbledon finalist took to the court and took a 7-6(5), 6-2 loss to fellow italian Lorenzo Musetti.

With his physical problem, Berrettini remains unsure of playing during the final fortnight of the Tour’s regular season with the provisional 13th possibly missing out on making a run for a spot at the eight-Man ATP Finals to be played in Turin next month.

If Monday scans prove discouraging, Berrettini could miss this week’s 500 series in Vienna followed by the Paris Bercy Masters.

The 26-year-old admitted he had to give himself a talking-to at the weekend.

“I felt a strong pain in my foot, so I will do some tests tomorrow (Monday). 

“I did (Naples) treatments to try to feel as good as possible (for the final).”

But he added there have been some desperate moments in 2022s: 

“This season there have been moments of discouragement, where I have wondered if I am cut out for this sport, but I have shown myself that I have to react.

“One of the reasons why I did not give up (in Naples) is because I just don’t want to give in to these things.

“I feel very lucky with what I’m doing and the career I’m having. There’s absolutely no reason to give up, you have to look forward.

“Now we’ll see if I can play in Vienna, otherwise we’ll see if I can be in Paris”.