The Italian celebrity girlfriend of Matteo Berrettini has lashed out at national media who are hinting that continuing injuries to the former Wimbledon finalist are due to their relationship.

Melissa Satta, a TV presenter, former Maxim model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as well as a noted social media personality, has a 10-year age gap on the 27-year-old Berrettini, currently off the Tour due to various injuries.

But as with former footballer husband Kevin Prince Boateng (who suffered from pubalgia) Satta has been cast as an injury jinx by some media.

She revealed her frustration to Italian Vanity Fair:

“I receive a lot of messages of insults, bullying and sexism. I have chosen to be a public figure, and I accept being exposed and exposing myself on social media,” the 37-year-old said

“But , but I’m just trying to have a romantic relationship with another person, I simply want to try to be happy too.

“Why should I be blamed because (my) partner is having a hard time at his job?”

Berrettini has played only two clay matches this season and also needed minor wrist surgery in 2022. 

He is now due to miss next week’s home Rome Masters.

Berrettini’s physical setbacks date to before he began seeing Satta.

Berrettini is standing by his beleaguered girlfriend.

“We live in the era of social media, where everyone can say anything and it seems to me as if general education has been lost. In the end, however, I’m happy – this is what matters.”