Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini will lose a boatload of ranking spots from last summer with no chance to make up the difference due to the ATP decision to strip ranking points from Wimbledon.

That reaction in response to the tournament move to ban all Russian and Belarus players over the invasion of Ukraine means the Italian’s ranking will drop no matter how he does when play starts at the All England Club on June 27.

“It’s a really difficult situation to handle for everybody,” Berrettini said at Queen’s Club, where he is making a title defence. “First of all for the people suffering (Ukraine).

“In my specific case it’s really complicated because I played well last year on grass and it doesn’t matter how well I play this year, my ranking is going to drop. I think that is not fair.

“(With) the ranking working normally, the more you play, the better you play, the better your ranking is going to be.

“I think this was taken away, that’s what I don’t agree with.”

Berrettini is most annoyed by the lack of player consultation by both Wimbledon and subsequently the ATP as they made their draconian moves. 

“Nobody asked us our opinion about it, and I think it shouldn’t work like that.

“Maybe we should do something in order to avoid these kinds of situations,

“This is the biggest decision the ATP has taken in the last 20 years at least.”

Berrettini suggested that there has been no groundswell player boycott of Wimbledon due mainly to the massive GBP 40 million in prize money and the prestige of the title.

“Everybody’s willing to play obviously, also because it’s Wimbledon. It’s one of the most important tournaments that we have.

“I don’t see anybody saying ‘Ok, I’m not going because there are no points.’”