Boris Becker has advised Novak Djokovic to keep his further pursuit of records on the low-down lest he build up public expectations he can’t fulfill.

The six-time Grand Slam champion German told a Eurosport podcast of his concerns, with pressure now on the Serb to try for the rare calendar-year Grand Slam title sweep.

The world No. 1 already owns the Australian and French trophies this season and will land at Wimbledon without a warm-up event as he pursues a record 24th singles trophy at the majors..

“The man wants to break records – but I don’t know which one he can still break,” Becker said.

“The calendar Grand Slam in one year, that is perhaps the only one that remains pending.

He’s thinking about it, but I hope he doesn’t talk about it and just go out on the grass, try to win Wimbledon now and then the US Open will come at some point.”

Djokovic flirted in 2021 with the record which has not been duplicated since Rod Laver accomplished it in 1969.

But a straight-sets loss in the New York final to Daniil Medvedev put paid to the dream.

Becker says keeping a low profile regarding goals is the wisest strategy.

“It’s a mistake to talk too loud about big goals, to tell the public what you’re doing.

“Talking about it for a long time after a win is fine, but before a win it’s often a mistake and you may not win.

Rule in silence, train and then win. Then you can talk about your victory for weeks.”

The 55-year-old suggests Djokovic keep his focus strictly on Wimbledon, played during the first half of July.

“At Wimbledon he (will still be)  in a state of euphoria and for me he is the clear favourite.

“As long as he keeps playing for the big titles, he will keep going. But at some point the younger generation will take over – but I don’t see that happening for a while yet.”

Main photo:- Novak Djokovic with Coupe des Mousquetaires trophy after wins Men’s singles Final, a record 23 grand slams by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd