Boris Becker has put the boot into Nick Kyrgios after the outlaw Aussie took a shot at previous tennis generations.

Kyrgios, whose own future in the sport is looking dodgy after a year of injury and a decided lack of interest in revving up his game again, called the previous iteration of the sport “so slow back then.”

The 2022 Wimbledon finalist who game has since fallen off the radar added in a podcast:

“I’ve watched (six-time Grand Slam winner) Boris Becker…I’m not saying they weren’t good in their time, but to say that they would be just as good now, it’s absurd.

“A big serve back then was like 197 to 200 KM/H. People like me, we serve 220 consistently, to corners. It’s a whole different ball game.

“I’m not saying they wouldn’t have found their way.”

Kyrgios then laid out some examples to support his thesis.

“To do serve and volley all the time now, you need to be serving 220, because if you serve anything less than 220, bro, 

“Djokovic eats you alive. He eats you alive. Bro Lleyton Hewitt destroyed Sampras one year at the US Open. That was the first prototype of someone who could return serve.

“(Hewitt) made Sampras look like sh*t. And what would Djokovic do to someone like Sampras? It would be a cleanup. 

“If Hewitt was doing it, Djokovic would destroy him. He would eat him alive.”

Becker, coach of Top 10 Dane Holger Rune, could not help but respond.

“Nick makes a lot of noise about tennis lately!?! Why does he speak about a sport he apparently hates …fact-check Nick has never won a major championship as a player or coach (yes doubles 1).

“So where is any credibility coming from ? 

“Trying to compare generations… Laver v Federer , Borg v Nadal , Sampras v Djokovic!?! I am not even gonna mention McEnroe,Connors ,Lendl Agassi , Courier, Edberg, Wilander, Kuerten, Bruguera, Rafter, Hewitt and many more.”

He concluded with some advice for the unranked Kyrgios: “Speak to your
(new) @OnlyFans (account) about many things but (not) tennis.”