Novak Djokovic on Tuesday found his path cleared for his return to Australia after being chucked out of the country for trying to get in without a COVID vaccine 11 months ago.
Australian media including Melbourne’s Herald-Sun had reported that new immigration minister Andrew Giles may be ready to draw a line under the near-diplomatic incident from last January which resulted in the no-vaxx Serb being banked up for five days in  between immigration court hearings.

Local media reported the call was made on Tuesday, opening the door to the nine-time Melbourne winner.

Djokovic was eventually deported from the Australia – a sanction which normally carries a three-year ban from e-entry.

Djokovic, competing this week at the ATP Finals in Turin, had given little away as he awaited the decision in his favour.

He had been unable to play the US Open as well due to not being jabbed – a move he has vowed never to take.

“Nothing official yet,” he said. “We are waiting.

“They (his lawyers) are communicating with the government of Australia. That’s all I can tell you for now.”

Since January, COVID restrictions have been dropped in Australia, with anyone now able to enter without being jabbed.