The Vice President of the German Tennis Federation Dirk Hordorf a former coach and leading Tennis administrator  has criticised the chairman of the ATP council Novak Djokovic for choosing to play in a friendly soccer match in Belgrade rather than take part in the recent critical USTA 400 attendee zoom discussion group of players and other stakeholders concerning the possibilities of the 2020 US Open taking place.

Dirk Hordorf Vice President German Tennis Federation. Photo DTF

In a since deleted Tweet Hordorf  said, “Party and soccer in Belgrade but as president of the players council no time to attend the first zoom call with 400 players at ATP meeting. And after sending WhatsApp message to speak out against US Open. OMG.”

Hordoff  recently stated publicly that “Nobody would need the ATP and WTA” if an umbrella organisation was formed” adding “The world association has to lead the sport, You have to tackle the whole thing fundamentally”

Various tennis influencers and key administrators at the crucial meeting claim Djokovic was not involved and was pictured in a video laughing with Alexander Zverev and Grigor Dimitrov during a friendly football game in Belgrade seemingly at the same time as a Zoom conference was scheduled between 400 players and organisers to discuss the staging of the US Open and other events.

No one from the ATP Tour has confirmed or denied these reports that Djokovic didn’t attend and no one from Djokovic’s personal team has yet commented.