With a Surrey mansion just south of London Andy Murray is not short of a place to lay his head while in the capital.

But the Scot is taking no chances with accommodation after securing a nearby Wimbledon bolt-hole to duck into should the need arise.

Players have the benefit of a driver service throughout the capital to take them to and from the All England Club. 

But because of the posh suburban location of the All England Club venue, many choose to rent a home or flat in the area within walking distance.

Murray has covered all possibilities by securing a spot to bed down in the club surrounds.

“I’ve rented an apartment, which my dad is staying in, but there’s an extra room,” the former No. 1 said. “It’s very close to the tournament.

“I may stay there if I have a late finish or an early match.’

Even with his family home in the stockbroker belt, Murray has often stayed close to the club during the grass fortnight.

“We moved house around Wimbledon time last year, (which was) different because we stayed in the (COVID) bubble. 

“With what’s been going on with the trains and stuff (strikes), traffic has been tricky. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m spending an hour and a half to get here in the car, an hour, hour and a half on the way home. 

“It’s just to potentially limit the amount of travel and be a little bit closer.”

Main photo:- Andy Murray practicing at Wimbledon – by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd